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We have the first baby sheep

We have the first baby sheep in the LIFE + programme. At night, from Wednesday to Thursday, on the 23rd of February 2017, the first sheep was born at Michał Dobaj’s farm in Wola Chroberska. The first birth had been awaited long, and anxiously, by Mr Michał. As he told us, he had been on duty all night long and at 5 am, when he was exhausted and went to sleep, the little sheep decided that it was the right time. So it was born without the farmer’s assistance.

Now we are looking forward to new births on the other farms covered by the programme.

Last-minute news!!!

We have more baby sheep.

This time on Monday, 27th of February 2017, two lambs were born at Waldemar Siepracki’s farm in Stawiany in the Kije district. In the pictures, you can see the first baby sheep from Wola Chroberska with its mom.