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Educational workshops.

The next stage of educational activities has been completed. Close to 350 children from forms 0 to 6 from Kielce and Kije municipality participated in the workshops lasting for seven days in Samorządowa Instytucja Kultury „Kasztelania” in Kije. During the field part of the workshops the children could watch sheep grazing in Ostoja Stawiany on Sobótczana Mountain and listened to information on thermophilic plants creating xerothermic grassland. They could also see particular plant species. Then, during the class work, they learned about wool applications.  Young people tried to use a spindle and a spinning wheel. They tried weaving with pins, rigid heddles and looms. Each group left a colourful strip of woolen textile made by themselves. What they liked most, however, was making bracelets and pompoms which could be taken home.