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The educational workshops JUNE 2015

From 15th to 23rd June 2015 a series of educational workshops related to the implementation of the LIFE13 NAT/PL/000038 Project titled „The protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie” took place. Every day the meetings began with field sessions on selected natural habitats, during which students familiarised themselves with conditions in these plant communities. Depending on their age group, the participants would, among other activities: determine the pH of soil or, with help of a plant identification key, identify species inhabiting xerothermic grasslands and recognise protected plants such as: carlina onopordifolia, linum hirsutum or prunus fruticosa. After the field trip, students went to the agriculturism farm, where they learnt how to produce woollen thread out of sheep’s fleece, among other things. Moreover, they were taught to weave and create simple woollen objects. The workshops passed in atmosphere of fun and enjoyment and were accompanied by delicious refreshments prepared from organic products. The farm animals: goats, konik (Polish primitive horse) and dogs, whose presence aroused a lot of positive impressions and emotions among participants, have also contributed to the great ambience.