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Natura 2000 Day in Kije.

Mammals, birds, trees – all responded to the invitation from the Complex of Ponidzie and Świętokrzyskie Region Landscape Parks and arrived at the Wednesday meeting with Mother Nature in Kasztelania in Kije.

Every stork and bear was followed by a colorful, laughing court, guarding that the king and queen were seen as the most beautiful and were making a good impression on all guests and especially on the hosts of the meeting.

As part of the implementation of the LIFE+ project, the Complex of Ponidzie and Świętokrzyskie Region Landscape Parks organized a second edition of environmental workshops, this time in a form of an environmental picnic, at the same time celebrating Natura 2000 Day.

The State Forests of Pińczów, the League for Nature Conservation from Kielce and companions from the Volunteer Fire Department in Kije had all prepared their stands. The participants could try weaving on a medieval loom, paint a carlina, or test themselves in distinguishing between different species of trees at the stand of the State Forests. Mother Nature invited the partakers to numerous contests with prizes and later a meal was prepared for all of them.

This form of learning through playing was, in the opinion of children’s guardians, a huge success and smiling faces of our little guests were the best reward for the organizers.

What remains then?

Let’s repeat the classes next year, shall we? See you then.