Mapa strony

Face to face with nature – time to start the environmental monitoring.

In the beginning of May began the environmental monitoring conducted by experts from the Centre for Research and Environmental Control in Katowice. It aims to confirm the beneficial effects of the active protection treatments on the condition of selected natural habitats of high environmental value.

The first few dozens of transects for phytosociological research have been laid out and many rare species of flora and fauna typical for xeric grasslands (Campanula bononiensis, Lithospermumofficinale, Veronica austriaca and Noneapulla, among others), sandy, thermophilic, inland grasslands (Androsaceseptentrionalis, Valerianella sp., among others) as well as inland halophytes and thermophilic oak forests (Mellitismelissophyllum, Tanacetumcorymbosum, among others) have been found. Areas have been laid out, where trees and shrubs shading the habitats are planned to be cut down. The next phase of research will begin in the last week of May.