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Time for health

This was the slogan of the sports and recreation festivities organized by the Agricultural Education Centre School Complex in Chroberz on the 1st of June. It was the 4th edition of the All-Poland Contest. Young people took part in a relay race from Złota to Chroberz. The route was divided into five one-kilometre stretches, and the finishing line was at the Wielopolski palace.

Then, we participated in the festivities, which took place at the school sports field. Next to the stands with health food and ecological products, we put up our tent, in which children and young people could learn about the goals of our project, take part in contests and made small souvenirs from coloured wool. And this wool was not an abstract material, because a flock of sheep and goats belonging to Michał Dobaj from Wola Chroberska, a participant of the LIFE+ programme, was grazing nearby, guarded by a sheepdog. It was also an opportunity to promote extensive sheep pasturing on xerothermic grasslands as the best way to maintain the biodiversity and protect valuable, protected plant species.