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The monitor’s visit

On 30th January 2015 in The Complex of Ponidzie and Świętokrzyskie Region Landscape Parkshead office in Kielce a meeting was held between the unit’s management, LIFE+ project employees and Mr Stanisław Tworek who monitored the LIFE project with authorization of the European Commission. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the progress of works related to the implementation of the project.

In the beginning, the monitor reminded the participants of the European Commission’s guidelines related to reporting and the principles of the beneficiary’s cooperation with the European Union. Subsequently, the unit employed for the purpose of implementing the project was introduced and the effects of their work were presented. All the actions awaiting implementation were also discussed in detail and the progress achieved was evaluated in accordance with the beneficiary’s initial report, covering project activities from 01.06.2014 to 31.01.2015.