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The first meeting of the Steering Comitee of LIFE13 NAT/PL/000038 Project.

On 3rd March 2015 in the head office of the Complex of Ponidzie and Świętokrzyskie Region Landscape Parks in KrzyżanowiceŚrednie a meeting of LIFE13 NAT/PL/000038 „The protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie” Project Steering Comiteetook place. In the beginning of the meeting Piotr Żołądek – a member of ŚwiętokrzyskieVoivodship Board presented nominations to persons appointed to the Steering Committee and then the Chairperson of the Steering Committee and two Deputies were elected. The Chairperson of the Steering Comittee: ElżbietaKucięba. The Deputies: Robert Pacholec, JanuszZieliński. Later during the meeting a team for implementation of LIFE project presented a report on the progress of work and then the invited researchers from the University of Agriculture in Krakow – professor Czesław Nowak and assistant professor Edyta Molik gave lectures on sustainable rural development for 2014-2020 – village, agriculture, environment and on biological and environmental factors affecting the adaptation of sheep to grazing.