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The first flock of sheep went to the grazing land.

The pasture of first sheep started in Ostoja Stawiany on the slopes of Sobótczana Mountail. The flock is monitored all day long and surrounded with an electric fence. Also the feeding racks, drinking facilities and field shed where they can rest on hot days were provided. The animals were not pastured on xerothermic grassland before but they easily adapted to the conditions new to them. The result of their „work” can already be seen – high grass blades are eaten and uncovered soil is visible in certain places.

Those are the anticipated pasture results. This is to offer a chance to germinate to xerothermic plants. Moreover, the sheep distribute seeds and, obviously, fertilise the soil. Soon, it will be necessary to move the fence to the slopes of Dominikowa Mountain.

At the foot of Sobótczańska Mountain, near a small water pond, there was tourist infrastructure built (also within LIFE+ project), comprising a car park, shelter and bicycle stand. Information about the project and Ostoja Stawiany, as the Special Habitat Conservation Natura 2000 area can be found on the information boards while the landscape with Sobótczana and Dominikowa Mountains and feeding sheep can be admired from a new viewing platform erected on a hill on the other side of the valley.

This event attracted also TVP Kielce station. Here, you can find a link to the video: .