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Polish primitive horses join the project

Our flock of sheep has increased its size by ….. two mares. Tysa and Karaska are Polish primitive horses, which will join the herd grazed in the thermophilous oak tree forest in Młodzawy. It is a primitive breed, which has been bred in Poland since 1923. Polish ponies are resistant to difficult conditions (they do not require stable breeding), are not nutritionally demanding, have high adaptation abilities, and at the same time are mild mannered and persistent. They are of a small height, of a stocky build, have a mouse-gray color and have a black streak on their back and streaks on their limbs. For the time being, both mares are in quarantine and pick grass on the meadow in Krzyżanowice, but when they are joined by a young stallion, whom we plan to buy, they will live in the forest with the whole horde, just like their ancestors – the tarpans.