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The clearing of illegal waste dumps in Ostoja Stawiany.

The human – as part of the ecosystem – is linked to other beings through a network of connections and relationships, which is why we should remember that „Nature can survive without humanity but humanity without nature will perish”. On 26th March 2015 on plots located in the town of Stawiany (Kijemunicipality) which were covered by the project, work was completed involving clearing illegal waste dumps from the area of grasslands. Clearing rubbish will contribute to the increase in the landscape value and will serve as a practical example of education in preventing the littering in the areas of high environmental value.

stan przedelekto śmieciw trakcie pracyw trakcie sprzątaniastan po uprzatnieciukrajobraz po uprzątnięciu

First signs of Spring in Ponidzie…

Following the winter rest, nature awakens and spring begins to mark its presence. First signs of the most beautiful of seasons have appeared in Ponidzie. Adonis vernalis, viola rupestris and potentillaneumanniana have already begun to bloom. Spring is also noticeable in the animal world. Grass snakes can already be seen basking in sunshine in OstojaStawiany. Let us remember that grass snake is a protected species of a non-venomous snake.

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zaskroniecsarny w krajobrazie

The first meeting of the Steering Comitee of LIFE13 NAT/PL/000038 Project.

On 3rd March 2015 in the head office of the Complex of Ponidzie and Świętokrzyskie Region Landscape Parks in KrzyżanowiceŚrednie a meeting of LIFE13 NAT/PL/000038 „The protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie” Project Steering Comiteetook place. In the beginning of the meeting Piotr Żołądek – a member of ŚwiętokrzyskieVoivodship Board presented nominations to persons appointed to the Steering Committee and then the Chairperson of the Steering Committee and two Deputies were elected. The Chairperson of the Steering Comittee: ElżbietaKucięba. The Deputies: Robert Pacholec, JanuszZieliński. Later during the meeting a team for implementation of LIFE project presented a report on the progress of work and then the invited researchers from the University of Agriculture in Krakow – professor Czesław Nowak and assistant professor Edyta Molik gave lectures on sustainable rural development for 2014-2020 – village, agriculture, environment and on biological and environmental factors affecting the adaptation of sheep to grazing.

Training in settlement of LIFE contracts with National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management funds.

On 10th February 2015 in the head office of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Warsaw atraining in settlement of grant agreements funded by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and targeted at LIFE+ Financial Instrument’s beneficiaries took place. The speakers at the meeting were the staff of the Department for LIFE + Programme and a representative of an external monitoring team for LIFE + projects. The meeting was organised in order to familiarise the beneficiaries with procedures and requirements concerning the scope of the accounting documentation required to be submitted to the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and to the European Commission. The staff of the Complex of Ponidzie and Świętokrzyskie Region Landscape Parks implementing the LIFE+ project took the opportunity to exchange experience and information on the topics presented and also to get acquainted with the problems of other units carrying out similar projects.

The monitor’s visit

On 30th January 2015 in The Complex of Ponidzie and Świętokrzyskie Region Landscape Parkshead office in Kielce a meeting was held between the unit’s management, LIFE+ project employees and Mr Stanisław Tworek who monitored the LIFE project with authorization of the European Commission. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate the progress of works related to the implementation of the project.

In the beginning, the monitor reminded the participants of the European Commission’s guidelines related to reporting and the principles of the beneficiary’s cooperation with the European Union. Subsequently, the unit employed for the purpose of implementing the project was introduced and the effects of their work were presented. All the actions awaiting implementation were also discussed in detail and the progress achieved was evaluated in accordance with the beneficiary’s initial report, covering project activities from 01.06.2014 to 31.01.2015.

The Biologists' Night – Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.

On 9th January 2015 in the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, a periodic, popular science event titled „The Biologists' Night” took place, during which The Complex of Ponidzie and Świętokrzyskie Region Landscape Parks presented LIFE13 NAT/PL/000038 Project titled „The protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie”. The activities attracted considerable interest of nature lovers. Every participant received educational materials related to environmental protection and promoting LIFE+ Project.

A meeting regarding the implementation of the LIFE Project

On 16th December 2014 in the head office of the Complex of Ponidzie and Świętokrzyskie Region Landscape Parksin KrzyżanowiceŚrednie a meeting took place concerning the progress achieved in the process of implementing LIFE+ „The protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie” Project. The participants were, among others, a member of ŚwiętokrzyskieVoivodship Board – Piotr Żołądek, the management of the Department of Rural Development and Environment under Marshal’s Office as well as representatives of local governments: members of county offices in Busko-Zdroj and Pinczów and mayors of municipalities Pińczów, Złota and Wiślica. The meeting was also attended by PińczówForest District Manager and presidents of local action groups – „SłonecznyLider” and „Ponidzie”. Following the tradition, on the occasion of the approaching Christmas, the participants shared a wafer. A diaporama titled „Ponidzie on Earth”, prepared specifically for the purpose of the promotion of the region, was presented and the unit’s plans regarding future year’s project implementation goals were also discussed.

An informational meeting

On 5th December 2014 in Kielce Forest District a meeting of Social and Scientific Council of Forest Promotional District „PuszczaŚwiętokrzyska” took place, during which Life Project „The protection of valuable natural habitats in Ponidzie” was presented.

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