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An educational workshop

For the fourth time already, we organized a series of educational workshops for children and teenagers. For five days young people from 12 educational institutions, more than 200 people altogether, had a good opportunity to learn about the goals and realization of our project, this time under the following banner: “Sheep and goats grazing, or the protection of valuable natural habitats at Ponidzie” (“Owce i kozy na wypasie czyli ochrona cennych siedlisk przyrodniczych na Ponidziu”). The classes also included field activities, which was visiting two habitats: xerothermic grasslands at the Serpentyna site, in the closed quarry at the area of Garb Pińczowski, and in the Quercetalia pubescenti-petraeae areas in Młodzawy. Then the participants of the workshop went to the headquarters of the Landscape Park Complex of the Świętokrzyskie and Nadnidziańskie Region in Krzyżanowice to listen to a talk about the geological structure of the Nida Basin, and about customs related to sheep breeding and benefits of this. They could try their hands at spinning threads from wool, weaving on bardko (the simplest loom), or making pompons by themselves. Thanks to this, they could appreciate skills and patience needed to weave a rug or knit a sweater. This practical knowledge had once been common and necessary to live, but today, unfortunately, it is becoming forgotten. The Krzyżanowice workshop was a great opportunity to recollect it.