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A conference closing the LIFE Beskidy project

On the 13th-14th of June, we took part in the conference in Ustroń, summarizing the LIFE12 NAT/PL/000081 project, titled Protection of non-forest accumulations in the Beskidy Landscapes Parks.
The programme of the conference included a presentational and an on-site part. On the first day, nine presentations were delivered, which concerned both the summary of the current activities of the project and the results of the environmental monitoring. We learned about the history of Beskidy mountain farming, possibilities of combating the Copper Tops and amphibian protection on the example of the Wigry National Park LIFE project. It was also an opportunity to present the hitherto activities of our project.
The second day of the conference took place in the area where the works on active protection were presented, at the top of Poniwiec and Mała Czantoria.