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This is the end.

Yes, this is the end of our project. Behind us are several years of adventures and multiple encounters with the Ponidzie nature.

When we trying to remind, we can see the visits in National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, first consultations, when we awaited for the acceptance of the project,  successful negotiations and the question – can we do it.

It wasn`t an easy project.

Staff has changed, we had to learn a lot, we made mistakes, but .. we did it.

Behind us are meetings with the farmers, overcoming distrust, negotiations with local government authorities, building of touristic infrastructure, international conferences, meetings with people of Ponidzie and, as the project progresses, a sense of satisfaction.

In addition to cooperation with local farmers, the one of the main advantages were communication and dissemination activities including: educational workshops, horse patrols, ecological carnivales which made the project better perceived and certainly contributed to its positive reception.

After LIFE.

Over time we asked ourselves a question: what should we do to make our „mowers” fit permanently into the Ponidzie landscape? What to do to make our hard-recovered calcareous grasslands not dissappear from ecosystem? It seems that our ideas to create a fashion for healthy food, which, certainly, is a lamb meet, the most important role is farming economy.

It has to pay off! Therefore our actions promoting the consumption of lamb and sheep meet and attemps to create the brand „Lamb meet from Ponidzie” must be successful.

We would like to thank all of you, with whom we had a pleasure to cooperate within the project We would like to thank institutions, local governments, farmers, educators, scientists and NGOs for their help, patience, advice and kindness.

We would like to thank to the European Commision and the Executive Agencies of the LIFE+ Program, the local government of Swietokrzyskie Voivodeship and the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

And because the nature of Ponidzie awaits … let`s meet at the new LIFE project.