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Training for shepherds organized by the Świętokrzyski Agricultural Extension Centre (ŚODR) in Modliszewice

All the six breeders working with us on the project regarding the protection of xerothermic grasslands participated in the training for shepherds organized by ŚODR in Modliszewice. For two days (October 25th and 26th), we could make ourselves familiar with “Innovative methods of breeding small ruminants”. The title of the conference fully reflected the subjects of the lectures given by scientists from the University of Agriculture in Cracow, University of Life Sciences in Lublin and representatives of the National Veterinary Inspectorate and ŚODR in Modliszewice. The training included everything the breeder could be interested in; from the construction of the sheepfold and modern technologies of the flock expansion, through the methods of feeding and breeding so as to achieve the best possible breeding results, and in the end financial results too.

A lecture on the nutritional values of milk and sheep’s meat was an opportunity to discuss the necessity of promoting lamb and using it more frequently in our menu. This meat is considered to be functional food, recommended particularly for small children, pregnant women and elderly people, as well as for convalescents. Lamb has the least cholesterol content of any meats, contains the most polyunsaturated fatty acids, and it also contains conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) stimulating the immune system. This is probably why sheep do not have cancer. The values of sheep’s meat are improved thanks to pasture feeding, i.e. what we we carry out on our xerothermic grasslands. Perhaps soon we will have a regional dish like “a leg of blackhead lamb”, which will be an additional attraction of the Ponidzie region.