Mapa strony


This is the motto used by Life+ team during the „Biologists' Night” organised by the Biology Institute of Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce.  In the lecture halls on five floors of the Faculty of Maths and Science you could participate in lectures, workshops and competitions.

Our hall changed into a small sheepfold. To advertise our project, we brought a small billy goat and a sheep family (a mother with two three-week lambs) from Ponidzie. We erected a small enclosure and covered it with straw. Live animals turned out exceptional attraction especially if you could enter the enclosure, stroke a sheep and take it on your hands. Another important attraction was bottle-feeding of the young. As it took place every hour, special subscription was required.

The sheep and goat were patient during the long stroking, ear scraping and putting a handful of hay under their noses. There were many people willing to touch animals and some children would return many times.

The next edition of the Biologists' Night in less than one year!