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The Night of Biologists 2017

The Night of Biologists on Friday, January 13th, was an all-Poland event. The Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce was among the twenty one schools and universities that opened their rooms for thousands of visitors. Therefore, we also turned up there with our blackhead sheep, at the Faculty of Mathematics and Science. We set up an enclosure in one of the rooms, spread straw on the floor and filled the feeding rack with hay. Two sheep and two goats promoted the LIFE + project till late in the evening.

The living animals aroused curiosity. Although they were reluctant to be stroked, they could be fed, which was a great attraction not only for the youngest visitors. And we could inform them about how sheep contributed to the maintenance of the biodiversity of these habitats, thanks to pasturage on xerothermic grasslands and in Quercetalia pubescenti-petraeae areas. Our participation in the Night of Biologists also was an opportunity to promote sheep breeding and its benefits. We hope that in spring our flock will significantly grow. We will also visit another edition of the Night of Biologists. So see you there.