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Project Monitor in Krzyżanowice.

First a visit to our seat in Krzyżanowice, and the next day an inspection of land covered with the active protection works within LIFE+ project.

On Thursday and Friday (3 and 4 March 2016) we welcome Mr Stanisław Tworek, monitor of our project, representing the European Commission, to Krzyżanowice Średnie. He carried out an audit of the performance of tasks covered by the project so far during an official visit.

The first day was devoted to formal and substantial check, while the second was spent in the field. We visited the areas in Pińczów (Serpentyny, Wierciszów), Skowronno Dolne, Stawiany and Umianowice where a Wildlife Education Centre is to be erected soon.

We are awaiting the official assessment. Let’s hope it is advantageous.