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Ex situ conservation as a means of protecting rare plants in Ponidzie

Preparations to create a seed orchard in our head office in Krzyżanowice Średnie are underway. Within it, six very rare vascular plants selected for active protection as well as other species characteristic for Ponidzie will be planted. The first seeds have already been sown so as to get seedlings for planting in the orchard. This experiment has proven successful in case of Carlinaonopordifolia whose seedlings develop rapidly. On the other hand, the seeds of Dictamnusalbus have been undergoing cold stratification. The seeds harvested from the plants grown on the plantation will be sown in situ, in appropriate locations, so as to strengthen the population of rare, native species.

nasiona dyptamu jesionolistnegonasiona dziewięćsiłu popłocholistnegosiewki dziewięćsiłu popłocholistnego