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Educational workshops

The four-day educational workshop started on May 8th. Every day, a group of young people from schools in the region took part in field activities: they visited xerothermic turfs on the Garb Pińczowski, a thermophilous oak forest in Młodzawy and our plantation in Krzyżanowice, where the Dictamnus albus has just began to bloom. All groups, from first to eighth grade pupils, participated in the practical activities attentively. They eagerly listened to the geological history of Ponidzie, the curiosities regarding the Nida, the narrow-gauge railway leading to the Garb Pińczowski and the benefits of sheep grazing on the turfs. There was also time for manual work: making models of carlinas and pompons and bracelets made of colored wool. The weather was good and all the groups were leaving Krzyżanowice with smiles on their faces and a solemn assurance that they would surely come back to Ponidzie.