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Conference in Nydek

A conference entitled “Threats in grazing economy” was held on the first days of September in the Beskidy region in Nydek, a town at the Czech side of the border. The Complex of Świętokrzyskie and the Nida River Landscape Parks co-organised the conference under the project entitled “National strategy for sustainable use and conservation of farm animal genetic resources”.

Our black-headed sheep grazed in the Ponidzie region as part of the LIFE+ project is a conservation breed, so that our breeders too found the subject matter of the conference interesting. It was a rare opportunity to confront one’s own experience with the experience of highlanders from the Beskidy region, who have been breeding sheep for many generations.The conference was also an occasion to organise a sheep shearing contests and, at the sheep milk cheese tasting, cranberry produced in Pińczów found its place on the table. Probably not only because nearby Bystrzyca is a partner city of Pińczów, but particularly due to the fact that their taste perfectly goes with oscypki.