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A meeting of foresters in Pińczów

The conference dedicated to the protection of valuable natural habitats located within the area of the Regional Directorate of National Forests, organized by the Świętokrzyskie and Radom branch of the Polish Forest Association, together with our institution, was held last Thursday in Pińczów. One of the four lecturers was our director, Mr Tomasz Hałatkiewicz, who talked about the active protection of valuable natural habitats, using an example of our Life+ project. An important item on the conference programme was a trip to the forest of the Forest Inspectorate of Pińczów, to the place where we are carrying out a program of the protection of Quercetalia pubescenti-petraeae areas, together with the Forest Inspectorate. The participants could see the effectiveness of the protective measures carried out there. This part of the conference, as well as a coach trip along the area of Garb Pińczowski, where the effects of our sheep’s work were also watched, was conducted by Mr Hałatkiewicz. The organization of the meeting of Świętokrzyskie foresters proved that we were a professional team that could rise to the challenge, which was emphasized by the forests and guests of the conference as they were leaving Pińczów, including Marshal Adam Jarubas and poet Adam Ochwanowski, one of the authors of “Ponidzie on earth” (“Ponidzie na ziemi”) diaporama, the presentation of which was the first item of the meeting in Pińczów.