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A conference closing the KASZÓ LIFE project.

On the 29th-30th of May, we took part in the closing conference of the LIFE12 NAT/HU/000593 project titled KASZÓ LIFE, which was held in Kaszó. The main objective of the project, carried out by a consortium of the Kaszó Forest Enterprise and the Forestry Research Institute (ERTI), was to restore degraded forest habitats in the West-Inner-Somogy region (south-west Hungary) by improving the hydrology of the area and the water supply of forests, wetlands and meadows.
The agenda of the first day included a variety of topics: the demand for water in forests, the extreme balance of water in the Carpathian Basin and the well-being of forests. Then, we had the opportunity to learn about the nature conservation measures that had been implemented as part of the KASZÓ-LIFE project, to see the results of the activities.
The second day included topics such as the spread of invasive insect species and the impact of climate change on natural habitats. There was also an opportunity to present the results of our project so far, with a special emphasis on activities in thermophilous oak tree forests.
The conference was attended by 53 participants. 16 presentations were given: 5 international and 11 Hungarian.